Chad is a landlocked country extending from the central Sahara south towards Central Africa. It is one of the most arid countries in Africa with the northern half of the country comprising desert or semi-desert. Chad is home to over 200 different ethnic and linguistic groups, which create diverse social structures. Chad’s population is unevenly distributed. About half of the nation’s population lives in the southern fifth of its territory, making this the most densely populated region.

MAF Chad

MAF has been flying in Chad for more than 50 years now, serving various mission agencies, the local church and its affiliate organisations, humanitarian agencies and a varied number of NGOs. Although there has been a steady improvement in the general living conditions in the capital and some urban centres, the majority of the population still live in abject poverty in very remote and isolated parts of the country. Chad is still ranked as the fourth poorest country in the world on the UN Human Development Index.